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A Stylus Story
February to November 2016

KDOCE Educational Solutions

Design Field:
Digital product



Old UI

The app must to be used it. And all I saw when I used for the first. Was, even an old and wrong computer.

New UI MasClapp Asignatura

New One

The laptop wasn't bad at all. Once finished, the brand new UI designed for. Was merged to the main code. Based on the restyled look&feel of company. Plus the solid information architecture knowledge. Supporting usability and findability.


Zoom menu

The integration of UI kit in to this MVC app was managed with GIT. I coded the Front-end architecture using Bootstrap thinking of integration with CodeIgnaiter on Back-end as the main goal


Icon MKT
Header Cover

You can touch people saying the right words.
Keep a continuous dialogue with the other side out screen person. Taking advantage of each opportunities we have informing, advertising, asking or greeting. The copywriting is designed for enchantment with appropriate style.

You already knew this. Right?
Plan Curricular

*Year after year all the curricular plan proposed by MINEDUC is already incorporate for you


*Tedious evaluations are now instantaneous. Ease in more than 600 evaluation assignments

Plan Lector

*Stop worrying about asking the parents to buy the books.

Copywriting it now!


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Profesores y Alumnos portada de la sección

Thanks graphic style the entire personality corp, can land down on people's feeling in a marvelous way.

Notebook MasterClass ad

Using for advertise the laptop sales

Tablet plan lector

Infographic for reading plan section

Icon Set

Icon set collection of the UI kit

Cursos y cronogramas

Media content cover


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To truly know you, they must listen and see you. So you can advertise how your product help people improving them lifestyle daily.

I offer an unbeatable price for you brand new videos

Stylus Channel

Screenshot of my Channel

Bringing a product to life involves being part of people's lifestyle

Antonio Silva Molina profetional graphic designer